The new challenge format

Oct 9, 2020

Recently in my country, many hashtag challenges are going viral. Challenges like #couplechallenge, #singlechallenge, #dropyourdopephoto, #dropyourpout etc are coming and going around in social media platform. Is it a good thing? Is it a showoff? I can’t tell you that because I don’t know the reason behind that. LOL

Progressive Challenges

I have seen both sides these challenges. Challenges were made jokes, commitments and many more. One day, I came across #30dayschallenge. I thought one couldn’t do anything in 30days but I decided to touch that hashtag and see all the content using to that hashtag. I was amazed to see that so many people were participating in that challenge. #30dayschallenge captured people from all the niches. It was people challenging themselves from running a mile a day to sleeping 8 hrs a day. The general format of the challenge went like this

#day1 of #30dayschallenge #niche/topic

New Year’s Resolution

A year passes and I am sitting pissed off, angry with myself that I couldn’t achieve a thing out of a list of things that I promised myself a year ago. Like most of the people. I could never stick to a plan for more than a couple of week. Again, I lied promised that this time I will do it. Ah shit here we go again A year passes and the same cycle continues. The same problem lies in all of us. If you could stick to a commitment for all over a year, this article is definitely not for you.

Only 8% complete their new year’s resolution

Why #30dayschallenge

Some of my relatives some how managed to sacrifice meat products for a month even being meat hungry in nature. That is too good of a motivation. Islams fast for around a month. If they can do that, I am sure you can do that too. Every single Islamic people is a motivation for all of us.

Most of us, the average people, take around 21 days to build a habit.

I am a coder and I have been coding for around 4 years. But learning new language was always a problem for me. I managed to solve this problem by committing to a 30 days challenge. Its #day-19 today and I feel comfortable with the new language. I am learning Node. I feel comfortable with node in day-17 of the challenge. I tried to learn node 3 times before but I never went that far. This has been the personal impact of #30dayschallenge in my life.

What should I challenge myself on?

You can challenge yourself on many things. Find a topic that you are lacking behind on. You can focus on your body, relationship or sleep cycle. You can challenge yourself to run a mile each day. You don’t need to be perfect in between or at the end of the challenge. You just need to do it.

Better to approach a problem like many pieces to be solved everyday rather than procrastinating everyday


It is better to do something rather than doing nothing. The challenge is to bring you out of your comfort zone. Take it as a opportunity to do more. Feel proud afterwards and post it in social media. Lets hope next time, I will find you when I browse through #30dayschallenge in my social medias.

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